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a community of vagina-owning, pot-smoking, drama-free hanfans

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Girls that love Hanson and marijuana. What else?

We just love those Hanson boys and fully appreciate the joys of
cannabis, but we're not just defined by our hanfan identity and
stoner status, oh no! We're foxy, laid back, music-lovin, art-makin,
multifaceted deities, so all ganjagirls should feel free to post
whatever their pretty little hearts desire. Need a good recipe for
cannabrownies? We'll show you a couple of our favorites. Saw Taylor
in the Lady's Foot Locker? Pleeeease tell us what he bought! Had a
totally shitty day and really need to vent? Lay it on us, we're good with advice.

We're thinking we probably don't need a lot of these, right?
1. Listen to Hanson and smoke pot. No-brainer, right?
2. Make all your posts MEMBERS ONLY.
3. Needless bitchyness = permanent bannination. No one ruins our buzz!
4. Avoid leaked pictures and extremely personal Hanfamily information.
5. Make the entry survey your first post, preferably within a week of joining. Fill out all of the questions!
tell us about the first time you tried mary jane:
how about your best hanson-related memory or activity:
best hanson album to listen to while baked:
don't you like any music besides hanson?
two things about you that don't involve hanson or weed. go!
might we see your pretty face? hanson or weed (or both!!?) in pictures= instant brownie points.